Explain to everyone what aspects of the electric tailgate must have in order to be called qualified

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As a new favorite in the car modification industry in the past two years, the electric tailgate of the car trunk has been well known by many car owners. Many car owners have been eager to try it out and want to experience the convenience brought by the electric tailgate to car life. However, many riders still have a limited understanding of the functional application of the electric tailgate on the surface. Car owners and friends explain what conditions a qualified electric tailgate needs to have.

1. Security

2. Service life

As an auto part, the electric tailgate needs to be guaranteed with the vehicle. The warranty period of the car is the quality assurance standard of three years and 100,000 kilometers. This requires that the core components of the electric tailgate must experience the service life required by the car.Electric tailgate promises a long warranty period of four years and 120,000 kilometers, which is longer than the warranty period of the car. This is confidence in the product and its commitment to quality.

3. Adapt to various climates and environments

A qualified electric tailgate needs to be used normally in various climates and environments, which requires high temperature, low temperature, humidity, waterproof, rust-proof and other characteristics of the electric tailgate components. Electric tailgate is very strict in quality control. The product has been tested in various environments such as salt spray test, high and low temperature test, waterproof test, etc. Normal operation in climate and environment.

4. All postures can be opened normally

In the process of using the electric tailgate of the car, it is impossible to always be in a stable situation. Uphill, downhill, and body tilting situations occur from time to time. This requires the electric tailgate to be suitable for various road conditions. Use requirements to ensure various The tailgate of the car can be opened and closed normally in the posture. A damper is designed in the electric strut of electric tailgate, which can effectively prevent the vehicle under special working conditions, such as when the vehicle is in a state of large slope, when the tailgate is rising or parked at a high point. , Due to the insufficient thrust moment of the strut, the tailgate falls down, which makes the electric tailgate more reliable and safe to handle.

 5. Minimize the sound of opening and closing the door as much as possible

A qualified electric tailgate is very particular about the sound of opening and closing the door. The electric strut is a motor-driven transmission part. How to control the inherent sound of its electric products within the decibel accepted by the owner is a great technical knowledge. of. Electric tailgate has a built-in electric suction device, and the three-level lock achieves extreme silence.

 6. Stable product quality

If you want a stable product, you must have high-quality accessories. At present, the most important part of the electric tailgate is the suction lock. The suction lock is divided into an upper suction lock and a lower suction lock. The lower suction lock is pulled by a transmission wire. The second-level lock, the upper suction lock relies on the internal gear and the motor to complete the pull-in action to enter the second or third-level lock. If the lower suction lock takes a long time, the transmission wire will be stretched and deformed, causing the tailgate to not close tightly. But this situation does not necessarily occur, and the upper suction lock will not have the hidden danger of the lower suction lock because of the different transmission methods, and the service life is longer than that of the lower suction lock. At present, there are very few electric tailgate manufacturers that have the ability to develop suction locks, and is one of them. Not only that,electric tailgate's suction locks are currently the best on the market. The upper suction lock, which is close to the original car structure, enters the first-level lock through the pulling force of the tailgate, and then pulls it to the third-level safety lock position through the internal gear motor, which is stable, safe and reliable.

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