What are the advantages of an electric tailgate?

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Update time : 2022-07-08 14:23:40
1. The electric tailgate strut has strong stability
Electric tailgate strut has strong stability, anti-corrosion, waterproof and anti-fog performance

2. Easy and convenient, support a variety of control methods
①Tailgate special button: The tailgate can be opened and closed through the special switch button of the trunk; at the same time, the owner can set the opening height of the tailgate through the manual special button according to the usage habits, so as to realize flexible customization.
②Central control button: The tailgate switch can be controlled by pressing the central control button in the car three times;
③Key button: If the car owner is outside the car, he can press the key unlock button three times to control the tailgate switch.
3. Temperature detection, adaptive high and low temperature
Temperature sensor, which can intelligently adjust the speed of door opening and closing according to the outside temperature to ensure the safe closing of the tailgate.

The temperature sensor adapts to a wide range of temperature differences, and can solve the problem of abnormal closing of the tailgate caused by the influence of the north-south temperature on the hardness of the soft rubber strip and the inner spring of the strut. By obtaining temperature data, the tailgate opening and closing commands are regulated.
3. Intelligent anti-pinch anti-collision and abnormal reminder
The biggest safety problem of the traditional tailgate is that it is easy to pinch or hit the occupants during the closing process, so the tailgate should have the function of intelligently detecting obstacles and realizing emergency response.
The Yupin smart tailgate can do this. When an obstacle is encountered during the opening or closing process, the door will move in the opposite direction or stop running, effectively avoiding pinching and bumping.
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