The role of the modified trunk electric tailgate

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The modified electric tailgate not only has diversified opening and closing methods, but also has functions such as intelligent anti-pinch, which makes it easier and more convenient for us to open and close the tailgate every day.

● What is a smart electric tailgate?

The intelligent electric tailgate is a brand-new intelligent system for car modification. The driver can easily control the opening and closing of the tailgate by remote control of the original car key, "one kick", etc. In addition, the intelligent electric tailgate also has intelligent Intimate functions such as anti-pinch and high memory can be described as a combination of intelligence, convenience, and humanization.

● Why do we need electric tailgate?

Many well-known, electric tailgate as one of the car configuration, usually only the high-end version of the car or luxury car will be standard, for most of our car owners, the car is generally not equipped.

However, the traditional manual opening method is relatively cumbersome. For example, when we have a lot of things in our hands, opening the tailgate almost becomes a burden. For petite female car owners, after the tailgate is opened, it is necessary to tiptoe to close the door through the button. For many tall male car owners, when the tailgate is opened, it is easy to touch the head, which is somewhat inconvenient. Therefore, a smart electric tailgate is necessary for us.

● How about the safety and quality?

Since the installation of an electric tailgate belongs to the category of modification, we need to consider whether it will affect the original car system when selecting products. Qualified products should try to avoid changing the original car computer and circuit during installation, and damage the body, so as to avoid short circuit caused by changing the original car computer circuit.

Looking at the electric tailgate products currently on the market, most of them are divided into single-lever type and double-lever type. Among them, the controller and the electric push rod play an important role in the electric tailgate. Relatively speaking, the double-rod electric tailgate is safer to use, because the left and right struts of the double-rod electric tailgate are coordinated, which can ensure that the tailgate is more evenly stressed, so the support is better, and it is naturally avoided. In the future, the door will be deformed and other problems, so even if it is switched for a long time, it is not easy to deform after a collision.

● How is the actual use effect?

After installing the electric tailgate of the car, the car owner can control the opening and closing of the tailgate in a variety of ways. It has the characteristics of automatic switch, intelligent anti-pinch, etc., and the safety is more guaranteed.

1. Support a variety of control methods

Since the electric tailgate system of Hanzhen Technology has opened the original car agreement, it can be compatible with the original car key without cracking and modification, and the tailgate can be opened directly through the original car remote control. Of course, you can also choose to automatically close the tailgate through the rear trunk button on the vehicle dashboard, or the switch button at the tailgate.

The tailgate can be opened and closed by "one kick", which truly realizes the liberation of hands and intelligent control.

2. High memory

The height memory means that the owner can arbitrarily set the opening height of the tailgate according to the usage habits or height characteristics, and the system has an intelligent learning and memory function.

3. Intelligent anti-pinch

The traditional tailgate is easy to pinch or hit the driver and occupant during the closing process. As an intelligent system, it has the function of intelligently detecting obstacles and realizing emergency braking. When it is in normal operation, no matter whether the tailgate is in the process of opening or closing, if a part of the human body is close to the tailgate or other objects touch the tailgate, the tailgate will stop running immediately to prevent people from being pinched. or bruised.

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