Why you need a power smart tailgate?

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      Have you ever had such a personal experience? After shopping, the rain falls from the sky, and I hold a mountain of my favorite things in my hands. When I put them in the car, I have to put them on the ground first, which not only stains the baby, but also stains the trunk of my car; You are petite, you are still single, and without the help of a male god, you will have to use all your strength to open a tailgate. Every time you open the tailgate and put something, every time you put on beautiful makeup, you will be stained, or you wear a beautiful skirt, but the bottom is embarrassingly exposed... There is a cool car but no cool trunk. , is the fly in the ointment of most cars, and is a major shortcoming in the hearts of many beauties. Don't worry, there is a wave of electric tailgates for cars coming.

     The intelligent electric tailgate can remotely open or close the trunk's original car function upgrade system. It supports the control of the original tailgate and the central control button and the control of the remote control key, and has the characteristics of anti-pinch and anti-collision, sound and light alarm, free height adjustment, force learning and memory, intelligent speed control, abnormal fault detection, non-destructive installation and so on. The tailgate electric suction function and kick function can also be flexibly expanded. It effectively solves the problems of using the car, such as easy pinching when the tailgate is closed, inconvenient to open the door by holding too many objects, the tailgate is too heavy to close, and it is too high to reach.

       Eight core functions, highlight the difference

The original car control, familiar as ever. The original car remote control key, central control button and tailgate outer key are completely used, which does not change your operating habits, allowing you to control the tailgate of your car as you like.

Hands in one, open and close freely

In the process of opening and closing the tailgate, you can switch between automatic and manual modes with one button, which is under your control.

         Anti-pinch anti-collision, safe and intelligent

Using intelligent algorithms, when the electric tailgate is opened or closed, it can quickly sense obstacles and implement anti-pinch/anti-collision strategies, effectively preventing children from being pinched or damaging the vehicle and ensuring safety.

Sound and light alarm, intimate reminder

When the electric tailgate is opened or closed, the sound/light alarm will remind you and friends next to you to avoid the tailgate rubbing.

        Freely adjust the height and set it as you like

The tailgate opening height is adjustable. Through the buttons in the tailgate, you can set the final opening height according to your own usage habits, saying goodbye to the embarrassment of being out of reach.

         Study hard, close with peace of mind

The intelligent learning algorithm is adopted to automatically learn the best closing force for your car, so as to take care of your car while ensuring that the door is closed accurately and reliably every time, rejecting the worry of not closing the door tightly.

      Non-destructive installation, reliable operation

All operations do not change the original car computer and circuit, damage the original car, fast installation, and completely eliminate the potential safety hazards introduced by modification

Electric suction self-locking, non-destructive installation

By adding electric suction device components, the tailgate is automatically closed and locked, which is more reliable than the traditional inertial mechanical door closing, and can achieve extremely quiet and elegant style.

The top trunk modification technology, cutting-edge modification concepts, and the most cost-effective products allow you to easily master the correct way to open the stylish trunk.

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