Disadvantages of electric tailgate modification, is electric tailgate necessary?

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Update time : 2022-06-01 10:10:15

In recent years, the automobile industry and intelligent technology have become more and more closely related. There are many various function buttons on the car, which has brought great convenience to our life. Modification has become a trend today, and many young people are willing to To accept new ideas, the most popular is the smart electric tailgate modification, but this modification is good or bad, let's take a look at the pros and cons of electric tailgate modification!

First bitter and then sweet, let's talk about the disadvantages of electric tailgate modification:

First, since the modification of the electric tailgate also belongs to the category of modification, its requirements must be in accordance with the modification requirements, and whether it can be legally modified needs to be further reviewed by the DMV. Many privately modified electric tailgates are illegal, and the annual inspection will not pass.

Second, the modification of the electric tailgate can easily damage the computer, circuit, body, etc. of the original car, and there may be short-circuit fires, poor sealing of the electric tailgate, and running water.

Third, most of the market are divided into single-pole type and double-pole type. The manufacturers are small companies, so there is no good guarantee in terms of quality assurance. In the absence of strict conditions, there is a risk of throwing items or personnel in the vehicle.

Is it necessary to install an electric tailgate? Let's talk about the advantages of electric tailgate modification:

First, the characteristics of this kind of electric tailgate modification: intelligent anti-pinch function, high memory function, can be described as a collection of intelligent, convenient, user-friendly and other characteristics.

Second, when we pick up a lot of goods, opening the rear door becomes a burden. This is a power tailgate that can be used, and it is a boon for smaller friends. No need to climb up and press the button to close the tailgate. Both labor-saving and easy.

Third, electric tailgates generally appear on high-end models. If the electric tailgate is modified, the vehicle can be upgraded and forced to be higher.

Having said so much, it is the most important thing that you can understand the pros and cons of refitting the electric tailgate. The refitting must use regular manufacturer parts and go to a regular repair shop for installation. Only after-sales can be guaranteed, and life safety will be more guaranteed.

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