The development history of automobile electric tailgate

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▲The first generation of electric promotion

Compared with the first-generation electric tailgate push rod, the second-generation push rod has obvious advantages: using high-strength alloy resin material, it has the advantages of super corrosion resistance, wear resistance, noise reduction and deformation resistance. In addition, the internal riveting method also has higher riveting strength and is safer and more reliable.

▲The second generation electric tailgate push rod

The electric push rod is the core of the electric tailgate generation. At the same time, although it is not the unique technical advantage of the second-generation electric tailgate, the technical advantages of "electric suction lock" and "ECU control system" of a good electric tailgate can also bring a better product experience .

Specific to the product, the editor takes the Jingle brand product that focuses on the R&D and production of electric tailgate as an example.

★Electric suction lock

At present, electric tailgate electric suction locks are divided into upper suction locks and lower suction locks.

Product features of down-suction lock: The general electric tailgate adopts the down-suction lock of the post-installation process, which has problems such as loud closing sound, easy to break, unable to lock, closed door with gaps, and easy to produce abnormal noise during driving.

▲Down suction lock

The upper suction lock used by Jingle electric tailgate has the following product characteristics: the original process of the whole vehicle, no need to adjust, no need to drill holes on the original tailgate lock cover, which reduces the installation time, and even screws can be used. Use original screws directly. It has the advantages of stable operation, low door closing sound, and the gear structure is not easy to break.

▲Up suction lock

★ECU control system:

As the "intelligence" of the intelligent electric tailgate, its role is self-evident.

The general electric tailgate adopts the ECU composed of conventional ordinary material components. The characteristics are as follows: there is a complex environment that cannot be recognized, and the anti-pinch profit will continue to increase in places with slopes. Compatibility and communication have problems such as stuck, error reporting or even burning the motherboard, and there are security risks during use.

The ECU of the Jingle electric tailgate has the following advantages: It adopts imported electronic components of vehicle grade, which can self-learn to optimize the opening and closing of the tailgate according to the environment, and is compatible with the trip computer to the greatest extent and maintains real-time communication to ensure the electric tailgate system. Safer and more reliable.

The aftermarket market is characterized by rapid product iterations. After several years of development, the first-generation electric tailgate has fulfilled its mission of quickly introducing the category to the market with the feedback of the products in practical applications. The second-generation electric tailgate with better quality, technology and user experience has gradually become the mainstream trend of market expansion.

Changes in market competition brought about by second-generation products

Although the electric tailgate looks very simple, in fact, it has a certain technical threshold. It is not something that can be done by any company looking for a solution provider and then adding work. The second-generation electric tailgate is the embodiment of the industry's technical threshold. "Workshops" without certain financial strength and technical strength will be shuffled out.

In addition, as in-vehicle electronic products that require heavy installation and after-sales service, they also have higher requirements for the soft power of professional services of enterprises, and the strength of service capabilities will also determine the survival of the fittest in the market competition.

To sum up, the second-generation electric tailgate is iteratively upgraded due to user needs, and higher quality, technology and service requirements have also turned the competition in the industry market into a competition in the comprehensive strength of enterprises.

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