Looking at the industry trend from the development history of automobile electric tailgate

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Update time : 2022-06-07 10:23:07

The "smart electric tailgate" capable of multi-form control and fully automatic opening and closing has become the most advanced form of automobile tailgate development. The achievement of such a "superlative level" is due to people's higher requirements for car comfort, convenience and intelligence. Under the premise of such market demand, whether it is in the front loading factory or the rear loading enterprise, the intelligent electric tailgate has received higher attention. Therefore, sorting out the development history of automobile tailgate combined with market demand  is helpful for practitioners to see the current industry development trend. Here, the editor will tell you about the iterative process and market development process of automobile tailgate products. Throughout the development of the car tailgate, it can be roughly divided into the 1.0 era of mechanical keys, the 2.0 era of remote unlocking, the 3.0 era of only opening and closing, and the fully automatic opening and closing of the intelligent electric tailgate 4.0 era. The intelligent electric tailgate in the 4.0 era solves the embarrassment of forgetting the key in the mechanical key era, the key is stuck and the tailgate cannot be opened, and avoids the trouble of inconveniently opening the rear trunk because people are leading things with both hands, and the car owner is short and closes the tailgate. The door was awkwardly awkward.

From mechanical to intelligent, the innovation and upgrading of automobile tailgate never stop. The obvious convenience can bring a better car experience. Therefore, the intelligent electric tailgate has also become the existence of luxury cars or low-profile to high-profile.

The mainstream trend of the second-generation electric tailgate aftermarket

Compared with the conservative front-loading factory that only luxury cars or some SUVs are equipped with electric tailgates, the after-loading market based on my country's more than 200 million vehicles and the increasing number of cars is not to be underestimated, and related companies are also more important. For flexibility and boldness.

In the past few years from around 2013 to the present, after-installation companies have continuously upgraded the electric tailgate, which has been upgraded from the "first generation" electric tailgate with unstable quality and operation to the "second generation" which is gradually becoming mainstream. Electric tailgate.

So, what is a "second-generation" power tailgate? The core difference between it and the "first-generation" electric tailgate is the "electric push rod".

The characteristics of ordinary push rod (first generation): the material of the whole rod is generally made of metal material, and the external riveting method is used. There are problems such as loud noise, easy rust and insufficient riveting strength.

Summary:I believes that the electric tailgate solves the pain points of car owners and users with obvious functional advantages, and its development is closely related to user needs. At present, the second-generation electric tailgate can meet the current user needs, but the electric tailgate will also enter the next era with the improvement of demand and technology.

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