Talking about the development of electric tailgate

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Update time : 2022-06-06 14:47:30

Early days: Thousands of years ago, people traveled by walking, and items could only be carried with them, which was extremely inconvenient. With the addition of ox carts and horse-drawn carts, not only luggage can be placed, but also the cargo capacity has been increased, but the protection measures for bulk items are not obvious enough, and they are prone to loss or damage.

Mid-term: Due to the needs of the times, ox carts and horse-drawn carts cannot meet people's needs. In 1769, the Frenchman N.J.Guigneau built the world's first steam-driven tricycle, laying the foundation for the development of the trunk of the car. It is true that there is a connection between the universes, and the evolution of the car has also contributed to the development of the trunk. From wood to iron, and then to the trunk that was developed later to adapt to the beauty of the car and space storage.

Later: The appearance of the trunk of the car has not changed much, but the differences in built-in functions have changed a lot. From the simple manual opening and closing of the door itself to the "spring" opening and closing of the door with a push of a button; from the "spring" door to the intelligent brush electric tailgate. It makes the trunk more convenient for people's life and improves the quality of life. However, the shortcomings of the brushed electric tailgate have also caused a series of problems with the widespread use of people, such as short life, the need to replace the carbon brush to prolong the life; loud noise, affecting the experience; no side anti-pinch, easy to cause life or property safety, etc.

Today, the birth of the brushless electric tailgate fully solves these problems. The brushless motor makes the electric tailgate last longer, and the noise produced by friction is smaller (50 decibels). The precise six-hall calculation pressure, Improve the accuracy and protect the safety of life and property.

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