System introduction of electric tailgate

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The tailgate is one of the most complex parts of all body parts, and parts such as crash beams, glass, weather strips, sound insulation, speakers, door locks, sensors, etc. are concentrated here. If the door is closed vigorously for a long time, it may cause the hinges to loosen, and the glass is easily displaced and deformed. The electric tailgate is light and smooth from opening and closing, which avoids the occurrence of such problems at the root, and significantly improves the user's convenience and quality of use.

So how does such a system work? Follow us below to see the true face of the electric tailgate system from the designer's perspective.

A complete set of electric tailgate system usually consists of drive mechanism, control module, induction anti-pinch edge strip, electric lock module, etc.

At present, the drive mechanism is mainly divided into: Sector - swing arm type and Spindle - strut type.

Sector - The swing arm drive is generally arranged in the D-pillar area of the body and fixed on the sheet metal in the form of brackets. Through the output of the motor and the clutch, the swing arm is driven to rotate, and the lifting link is actuated. The purpose is a classic lift tailgate drive mechanism. In the design and layout, the movement clearance of the swing arm, connecting rod and surrounding parts such as interior parts and sealing strips needs to be considered in space. In terms of performance, it is necessary to check whether the motor output can cover various extreme working conditions.

Spindle-strut-type drive is installed between the flow troughs, installed through the upper and lower brackets. The electric strut outputs the lifting force through the motor, gearbox, lead screw, spring, etc., and shoulders the heavy responsibility of the tailgate switch with one hand. When designing the layout, it is necessary to consider key parameters such as torque, hand force, and axial force during the entire switching process. Compared with the swing arm drive, the strut drive requires less layout space, is more convenient to install, works less sound, and the overall tailgate switch is smoother. Most of the current models choose to use the Spindle-strut drive.

The control module is generally arranged in the inner panel of the tailgate or the D-pillar area of the body, as far as possible from the air outlet of the air duct, and placed in a dry area. The control module can be described as the brain of the whole system. It receives signals, judges the situation, issues orders, and realizes functions.

The control module will send and receive application messages through the CAN communication of the vehicle network, and judge the specific instructions to the tailgate drive system through the information on the vehicle status, such as fortification, gear position, vehicle speed, temperature, etc. From the user's point of view, the designer will study the safest and most convenient strategy and integrate it all into this small control module.

The induction anti-pinch strip that fits on the inside of the tailgate's sheet metal can be a pretty inconspicuous little part. As a safety performance part of the electric tailgate, the anti-pinch strip is as low-key as his appearance and silently performs his duties. Anti-pinch bars can generally be divided into full-section and half-section. In the process of closing the door, once an obstacle is encountered, the conductive rubber material inside will transmit this signal to the system, and the tailgate will stop moving to ensure that User safety.

If the control module is the brain of the tailgate system and the electric struts are the limbs, then the electric lock module is the eyes and ears of the whole system. The lock body transmits different signals according to different positions and states of the tailgate, so it must be precise and in place. At the same time, the electric pull-in function of the tailgate lock body ensures that the tailgate can be closed lightly and securely.

After having a general understanding of the organization and operation mechanism of the electric tailgate system, let's introduce the operation methods of the tailgate.

1. Touch Pad switch

When the whole vehicle is unlocked, click the Touch Pad button on the tailgate, and the tailgate will be opened electrically, which is also the most commonly used way to open the door. PS. If the whole vehicle is in an armed state, it is usually necessary to carry the key near the tailgate to open the tailgate.

2. Interior panel switch

The buttons on the interior panels generally perform a two-way action, both on and off. In addition, during the opening and closing process, usually clicking the interior panel button again can make the tailgate hover in the current position.

3. Key switch

The button on the remote control key of the vehicle can realize the function of opening/closing the tailgate from a long distance, which is generally divided into two modes: long-pressing the button or double-clicking the button.

4. In-car switch

The buttons in the car are generally arranged in the ceiling reading lights, the side door trim panels, and the instrument panel. It is convenient for users to operate in the car.

5. Kick-sensor

Many women may have encountered such an embarrassment. Whenever they are happy to scan the goods from the mall, when they are ready to drive home with countless bags in both hands, they have no time to open the tailgate and have to put the things down first. Taking out the key to open the door is not cool at all! And with the electric tailgate with kick-sensing function, you can open the tailgate with a light sweep of your foot near the rear bumper, which is absolutely elegant.

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