Do you really know about the electric tailgate?

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The electric tailgate is a brand-new car intelligent system. The driver can control the opening and closing of the car tailgate through the key, the tailgate switch and the main driver switch. At the same time, it also has humanized functions such as AI intelligent anti-pinch, height adjustment, sound warning, remote opening and closing.
1.Can the "electric tailgate" be closed manually?
In a car equipped with an electric tailgate, will it be bad to press and close the tailgate after taking things? Essentially, the occasional manual closing of the power tailgate is fine. Under normal circumstances, it will not cause any impact.
However, it is best not to manually close it frequently, so as not to damage the motor or the strut. In particular, some riders will "excessive force" because they are worried that the tailgate will not close tightly, and the method of closing the tailgate that makes the whole car "vibrate" is very harmful to the car.

2.What is the reason for the "electric tailgate" not closing?
Generally speaking, there are three reasons:
● The anti-pinch function of the electric tailgate itself: if the items loaded in the trunk block the closing of the tailgate, the tailgate will move in the opposite direction, that is, it will be reopened. The state where the door cannot be closed.
● Failure to install the electric tailgate: If there are no obstacles and the electric tailgate is installed later, it is very likely that the anti-pinch sensor is not installed in place, resulting in false triggering, or the system cannot receive the door closing command.
● Vehicle failure: If such a situation has not occurred before, it is likely that the tailgate is closed due to contact switch failures such as vehicle hinges, door lock card displacement, door lock tongue cannot be opposite and locked firmly, and door lock closed.
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