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Powering Up Convenience: 5 Benefits of Having a Power Tailgate

In recent years, the power tailgate has become more popular among car buyers, especially for those who are always on the go. It's not just a luxury feature, but a convenience that offers many benefits to users. If you're not yet convinced why you should invest in a car with a power tailgate, this blog post will give you some of the reasons why it's worth it.

1. Hands-free operations
The most obvious benefit of having a power tailgate is hands-free operation. With just a push of a button on your keyfob or dashboard, the tailgate opens or closes automatically. This feature completely eliminates the need to struggle with a heavy tailgate when your hands are full of groceries or other items. Apart from being practical, it's also a safer option since it keeps your hands free to maneuver your items or reach for your kids.

2. Improved accessibility
The ability to open or close your tailgate without manual effort makes it easier for people with limited mobility, such as the elderly or those with physical disabilities. Not having to lift or pull down a heavy tailgate can prevent back strain and injuries, allowing everyone to access their items in the trunk with minimal effort. If you transport large items regularly, such as luggage or sports equipment, you'll also appreciate how convenient the power tailgate can be.

3. Enhanced security
Another great thing about a power tailgate is the added security feature it provides. Since it works through an electronic mechanism, there's no need to worry about accidental openings, as it requires a keyfob or dashboard button press to operate. This feature adds an extra layer of protection when you're parked in public areas, preventing unauthorized access to the trunk. You can also check your vehicle's manual on how to program the tailgate lock to ensure the security of your cargo.

4. Customizable height settings
Some power tailgates come with an adjustable height setting, which allows you to set the tailgate to stop at a certain height to avoid hitting low garage openings or other obstacles. This simple but clever feature can prevent costly damages to your car, especially for those who have a habit of parking in tight spaces or for taller vehicles. Having customizable height settings, you can also adjust it to open high enough for tall individuals or low enough to avoid overreaching.

5. Better resale value
Finally, investing in a power tailgate can result in better resale value for your vehicle. As with any feature that improves the convenience or safety of your car, buyers are willing to pay more for a vehicle that includes one. Although it's not a guarantee, it can significantly increase the desirability of your car when you're ready to sell or trade it in for a newer model. 

Overall, a power tailgate may seem like an expensive luxury feature, but its benefits outweigh the cost. Apart from the convenience it offers, the hands-free operation, improved accessibility, enhanced security, customizable height settings, and better resale value make it a practical addition to your car. If you're in the market for a new vehicle or an upgrade, consider checking out the models that have a power tailgate option. You'll be amazed at how much easier it can make your daily life.

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